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aFe POWER 20000mAh Portable Battery Jump Starter Kit

aFe POWER 20000mAh Portable Battery Jump Starter Kit


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aFe POWER Portable Lithium Polymer 20,000mAh Power Source offers 1600 Amp 12V of power and is the perfect compact travel size. This Power Source is capable of jump starting most gasoline engines and can even start up to 7.0 Liter Diesel Engines. The 20,000mAh battery pack can also be used as a power source for charging smartphones, tablets, and all other USB devices (can charge 10 common smart phones before needing recharge). Rated IP68 water resistant and dustproof to endure the wettest conditions and features an LED Flashlight with 3 modes you can switch between Full, Strobe and S.O.S. for different circumstances. With an aFe POWER Power Source you can rest assured you will have peace of mind having extra power on hand for those situations that demand a power source.
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