DEATSCHWERKS 9-652-1009 Fuel pump with Installation Kit(265lph) (GT-R R35) - need 2 pcs

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The DeatschWerks 65c Series Fuel Pumps are DeatschWerks response to your requests. These new pumps pack a punch at a whopping 265lph of flow, but they are drop in replacements for newer vehicles utilizing smaller form fuel pumps. No longer do you have to modify your fuel pump bucket to fit in an aftermarket pump. They are compatible with your OE fuel pump controller and are E85 friendly. To top that off this pump comes with DeatschWerks legendary 3 year no fault warranty.

Included with the pump is a vehicle specific install kit that makes it a truly 100% plug and play install. The Nissan GT-R will require 2 of these kits as it runs 2 pumps.


Brand: DeatschWerks
Adjustable: No
Fuel Flow: 265lph
Install Kit Included: Yes
Mfgr. Warranty: 3 Years
Condition: New Product