INVIDIA CP-HS13GF7DPN Downpipe 3" for VW Golf 7 GTI & Clubsport, Golf 7.5 GTI (adapter for stock catback included)

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Invidia has released the catted downpipe to improve the performance of your vehicle. Turbocharged vehicles welcome aftermarket downpipes as one of the first modifications because it replaces the factory restrictive unit.Once replaced, you will see improvements in throttle response, increased turbo spool, and increased horsepower and torque numbers. This is achieved through the design that has substantial improvements in exhaust flow. 

This particular downpipe has been fabricated from stainless steel, and has a flex section built into the piping. Additionally, the exhaust hangers were welded into the factory locations to make this a direct bolt-on component. There is a factory 02 bung provision also welded onto the pipe, and included are the required slip joints, and clamps to make for a ready installation.


Brand: Invidia
Includes Catalytic Converter: Yes
Installation Hardware Included: Yes
Mouth Design: Flange
Piping Coating: No
Piping Flex Joint: Yes
Piping ID: 76.3mm
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Piping Taper: No