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1JZ / 2JZ engine mount for Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86 and Scion FRS. 

These brackets have a bolt section that will fit 1JZ / 2JZ GE and GTE and are made to fit with front-sump oil pan. You may need to cut a small part of the front beam in front of the pivot pulley depending on how close you want it (see picture). Same with the hood, it is very close to the cam cover. If you want some extra space, remove a small piece from the reinforcement frame in the hood. A stable rubber bushing keeps the engine in place. 

The mounts are made of 5mm high strength steel sheet and Zinc iron is chromated and black-passivized. A set of brackets consists of: 4 braces including bushing, 2 pcs bolts, nuts and washers. These brackets also include bolts for mounting the brackets to the block. There are also double pressure bolts in each attachment to the front frame for easier mounting.

Please keep in mind when ordering that these mounts come from Sweden, so we will have a lead time of roughly 1 week before the part ships out to you.