Tein 2014+ Toyota Corolla S Tech Springs (ZRE172L)

  • Tein 2014+ Toyota Corolla S Tech Springs
  • Tein 2014+ Toyota Corolla S Tech Springs
  • Tein 2014+ Toyota Corolla S Tech Springs
  • Tein 2014+ Toyota Corolla S Tech Springs


  • Toyota Corolla (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
    • Lowers 1.8" Front and 2.0" Rear
Specs & Features
  • Spring Rates: 134 lb front and 190 lb rear
  • Genuine TEIN springs
  • Full set of 4 springs
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TEIN STech lowering springs are known for their progressive spring rate, incredible ride and handling characteristics and famous green powder coat finish.  TEIN makes their STech springs using chrome vanadium construction to ensure these are some of the best quality springs available on the market.

Your TEIN STECH purchase at Redline360 includes 4 springs, 2 front and two rear, 2 TEIN stickers, warranty information and a bump stop guide.

TEIN offers a one year warranty against manufacture defects and sag.  TEIN’s warranty covers sag more than 5mm, springs breaking and noise.

Can I use TEIN STech’s with my stock shocks?
For newer cars, it is ok to use these springs with your stock shocks. For older cars that might have worn shocks, we recommend to replace your shocks at the same time.  The STech springs work great with stock shocks, but because they are lower and have higher spring rates than the stock springs, they put extra wear on the shock.  If your shock is in good condition, it will be able to handle these lowering springs with no problem.

How is the ride quality with these springs?
TEIN STechs offer one of the better ride qualities of the manufactures due to their progressive spring rates.  We have had great experience with customers not only happy over the better handling but also happy with their ride.  These springs are extremely comfortable for daily driving.

How does TEIN determine the drop I need?
When TEIN creates the STech springs, they set the drop to close your wheel gap without going too low.  There are springs out there that offer a more aggressive drop, but it’s usually at the expense of ride quality.  Also, since they drop so much, the shock travel is reduced which can hurt the handling characteristics of your car.  TEIN sets their STechs to drop it as much as possible to close a good amount of wheel gap, maintain ride quality, and improve handling.

Additional information

17.4 lbs
15.8 × 11.1 × 10.8 in